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Bothwell, South Lanarkshire

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Camphill Vaults

CRGP was commissioned to design an extension to an existing Restaurant Pub within the context of a listed building in the conservation town of Bothwell. The building owner was keen to maximise the space on the site, previously a car park, to attract a new tenant. Key challenges for the project included the sloping nature of the site, how to compliment and not detract from the existing listed building and how to address a prominent corner within a conservation area.

Our approach was to consider a contemporary design that was different from the listed building but sat comfortably in its setting, rather than try to mirror the style and detailing of the existing building. The new extension is double height with a mezzanine floor to give volume and presence and to meet the number of tables required whilst also still being subservient to the existing building. The materiality is steel and glass so obviously modern but the palette also includes red sandstone, a material which is heavily used on Bothwell and is found on the façade of the existing building. The building is slightly angled to the street to address the corner and open up the building façade to passers by.

The client was slightly sceptical of the modern design approach at the start however the increased areas achieved from the mezzanine floor and the streamlined planning approval helped convince him. He was also able to secure a 15 year lease on the restaurant based on the designs alone.

  • External view of the RIVA Restaurant project completed by CRGP
  • Internal seating view of the RIVA restaurant extension, completed by CRGP
  • Outside view of the RIVA restaurant extension, completed by CRGP