CRGP is an integrated network of architects, engineers and interior designers, offering stunning and functional architectural and design services that perfectly balance beauty and functionality, inside and out.

With expertise across a wide range of sectors, from residential to military, we guide our clients throughout their entire project – offering advice on materials and innovative techniques, with an emphasis on sustainability the projects place within the local environment and landscape.

Combining technical knowledge with creative thinking, our team of problem solvers add value for our clients by pushing their vision beyond imagination, while never compromising the reliable delivery of the project.

R of the CRGP logo with a project in the background


We work alongside our clients as equal partners in every project.

Our mission is to help them realise their vision through boundary pushing architectural creativity balanced with proven methods that will never compromise delivery. At CRGP, it is your building, not ours.

We believe in stretching the boundaries of design to deliver truly ambitious buildings, whilst using proven methods that we know will never compromise your project’s deadline or budget. For those chasing exceptional architecture and design with total peace of mind.