CRGP Modular Construction

Modular Construction

modular construction 1CRGP has a specific expertise in modular, or off-site construction.

This particular method of construction can bring considerable environmental, safety, programming and therefore cost benefits to many projects.

Environmental and Safety Benefits:

Components are designed to exact dimensions, vastly reducing and even eradicating waste from the process.

Material wastage/damage and packaging is no longer an issue on site.

Shorter construction periods lessen the impact on local communities and environments – buildings constructed using volumetric methods of construction show an 80% reduction in traffic movement by comparison with traditional methods.

75% of the construction process can be contained within the factory itself, significantly reducing the number of operatives required on site. Fewer operatives on site result in fewer opportunities for accidents, simplifies on-site security, and reduces local congestion and logistical issues.

The steel frame is recyclable, and provides a simpler demolition process.

modular construction 2Quality

The module manufacturing process uses galvanized light steel framing, which is strong, light weight, durable, accurate and dimensionally stable.

The framework is sufficiently strong and rigid to protect against damage during transportation and installation.


The size of each module is limited by the means and methods of transportation, the largest modules on our recent project were 14595 x 4100mm.

There is limited capacity for alteration at a later date.

modular construction 3


Once factory completed, the 434 modules, with each individual accommodation module containing three bedrooms, were transported by road from the factory, and lifted by crane directly to their pre-allocated position.

Pre-fabricated staircases and corridor cassette panels were then installed, allowing on-site service connections to be completed in a safe and weathertight environment.

In a recent CRGP project, an independent study by consultants EDS found that the modular solution produced a 33 tonne CO² reduction in the construction of a 54 bed, 3 storey residential facility, measured against traditional methods.

As the advantages of modular construction are realised through pre-fabrication, detailed design and co-ordination is critical.

modular construction 4modular construction 5

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