Auld Alliance Alive and Well

CRGP has teamed up with world-famous French architect Dominique Perrault for a new property project on an important historic site in the south of England.

An entente cordiale has been agreed and the two frims will unite to work on the Priory Park building in Reigate, with the French acting as concept designer and the Scots taking the architectural commission forward.

Despite being associated with high-profile buildings such as the French National Library in Paris and the new Mariinsky Theatre in St Petersburg, this is the first time Perrault has been involved in a project in the UK.

The £6.6M project at Reigate involves the construction of a new pavillion in a restoration scheme for Priory Park which includes an interpretation centre, cafe and management offices and has a modern design which provides a striking contrast to the grade-1 listed buildings nearby.

CRGP Director Derek Brown says: “I believe we both wish to form a partnership for the long term. I am confident we can work closely on many other opportunities for the future and look forward to the cross-fertilisation of ideas.”

The jury panel which selected the design which selected the design included representatives of English Heritage and the Reigate Society. The town was mentioned in the Domesday Book and was supposed to be the meeting-place of rebellious barons prior to signing the Magna Carta.

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