Camphill Vaults – Works Underway

The village of Bothwell is centred on a conservation area between Hamilton and Glasgow and it has become one of the west of Scotland’s most fashionable locations to live. This picturesque place dates from medieval times and its red sandstone villas and luxury modern houses have attracted many premier league football players and showbusiness personalities.

Although in terms of population it has grown considerably, Bothwell has still managed to retain a village atmosphere. In its Main Street is the Camphill Vaults and it is this traditional Scottish public house that CRGP have been recently involved with the design for a bright, modern restaurant extension that will fit well with both contemporary and vernacular architecture within the area.

The Grade C listed property has been in the ownership of Bob Laurie for the past 30 years and despite numerous difficulties associated with obtaining planning within a conservation area, CRGP were successful in creating a striking and bold design that was granted planning approval in November 2007.

To produce a design that melds the old with the new was the challenge faced by the architects in this conservation village.

“The extension occupies a prominent corner position in what was the old car park of the pub and it has become an attractive and eye- catching feature as you enter Bothwell,” says David McIntosh. “We used red sandstone from the Locharbriggs quarry, reflecting the stone of the current building, which is currently being cleaned and restored.

A measure of steel and glass has been incorporated within the design to introduce a modern edge to the building.

Inside, the pub is made up of a number of small areas that have been opened up to create a more flexible space. Interestingly, the bar, some fixtures and mirrors must be retained as they are subject to a preservation order and this has helped maintain a traditional feel to the pub area.

By puncturing the existing stone gable wall of the pub, a physical and stylistic link has been created between the traditional bar and the contemporary style of the new restaurant, which will be known as Riva and will be under the proprietorship of Peter DiCiacca.

Contractor on the site is ZRL and CRGP is also involved in project monitoring.

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