Glasgow University Lecture Theatre

Refurbishment works are now complete to Lecture Theatre 1 within the Boyd Orr Building at Glasgow University.

The new facility has the largest seating capacity of all Glasgow University lecture theatres, with a capacity of 306, and is very much in demand for both students and on occasions the general public.

The refurbishment includes the latest information technology and improved fire strategy.

The existing concrete structure of the Boyd Orr building precluded any significant alterations to the configuration of the theatre, other than the removal of the outmoded projector room.

The excellent acoustics of the original theatre have been retained, and augmented with new, improved sound control systems.

New projectors and adjustable screens have been installed together with relay screens towards the rear of the theatre to assist viewing from there.

Variable scene setting lighting controls are located in the teaching desk, and the theatre is equipped with infrared hearing assistance and Wi-Fi technology. The teaching desk has a variable height control allowing adjustments for a lecturer in a standing or seated position.

Dual directional seats allow 54 persons to work in groups with data and power facilities to the group locations allowing them to interact with the theatre’s audio visual systems.

CRGP provided Architectural services.


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