Lorraine Makes her First Class Move

Lorraine Martin has recently gained a First Class Honours Degree in Building Surveying, following a period of day release at Caledonian University. She had become a student of building surveying after completing a degree course in architectural technology and being invited by CRGP to join its building surveying department as an architectural technician.

“I quickly realised that my job was beginning to lean heavily towards building surveying,” said Lorraine “and I was asked to consider going on a day-release course for two years to get my qualification. When I was at the university before, I was very impressed by those building surveyors, who lectured us, they seemed to know everything and their job was much more varied.”

Lorraine was initially attracted to architectural technology as it would allow her “to do drawing work all day” and as she had no pretensions about becoming an architect, this was work that she felt comfortable doing. However, her switch to building surveying gave her a fresh outlook and it meant that rather than being office bound she would enjoy a much greater variety of work.

“I feel that I am getting the best of both worlds. And although much of my time is spent in the office, I am also required to visit projects and conduct surveys,” she said.

One recent commission that Lorraine dealt with was the conversion of a former ambulance garage into offices for the NHS. The project is still ongoing and her recent tasks have been to ensure the building warrant and planning applications have been put in place. Her duties have also seen her involvement in many condition surveys.

Away from the office, Lorraine enjoys meeting her friends and socialising. She is a regular visitor to the gym although she will admit that during her recent studies there was quite a long period when she was absent. However, her real focus now is on gaining her APC (assessment of professional competence), that is the final assessment and election as a professional member of the RICS.

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