Our Magnificent 7 Go For Goal

Architect 7s

For those who wonder what our architects do when they are not creating award-winning designs, the answer – for some of them – is that they play football. Every Tuesday evening at around 6.20pm, our wizards of dribble meet in the shadows of Ibrox Stadium where their artistic talents are measured in nifty footwork rather than tubefuls of drawings.

This is the first year that CRGP Ltd has entered a team in the League of Architects and despite being currently stuck towards the foot of the table, team captain Bryan McFadzean is extremely positive about CRGP’s participation, “Jack Brunjes and I were keen to take part in this league, which was formed three years ago and our squad is now settling down into a pleasing pattern of play. We are in the quarter-finals of the cup and we anticipate moving up the table over the next few weeks.”

The league consists of 16 teams that represent architect companies in the Glasgow area, however, lending a hand in the teams’ structure in a multi-discipline kind of way are building surveyors, project managers and quantity surveyors. Competition is keen and a frequently visited website is in place to track the progress of the league and its stars –

It is not just league positions that are recorded and the site also documents leading goal scorers, man of the match and those who have been ignominiously dismissed.

Unfortunately, CRGP has just lost one of its star players and it beggars the question whether one’s football talents might become a requisite part of a CV!

The League of Architects has been an excellent format for bringing the disciplines within companies together on the football field. It has also brought together people from different companies who cross paths in the course of their professional life. A social event and prize-giving is being planned for the end of the season and Bryan and Jack are hopeful that CRGP will finish high up and may even enter the hall of fame.

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