Prestigious Award for Moorpark Central

Moorpark Central, an industrial/warehouse development designed by CRGP in Broomloan Road, Glasgow has won the Property Executive’s Industrial Development Award for Excellence 2005.

CRGP first project which was carried out for their client the Silverbank Development Company was developed as a signature project on a high profile site at Helen Street in Glasgow. The developer wanted to create a branding model for design and superior quality that would be immediately recognisable in there future projects. Indeed, CRGP’s client SDC Ltd were so impressed by City Link Central that apart from some modelling to suit the site topography at Moorpark Central the same design format was adopted.

Gary Forster of CRGP who had been the project architect in there first development at City Link Central was given the task of producing a series of buildings that would reflect the same modern and dynamic image to a prospective tenant. “The high quality materials and colours used in the project reflect the branding that is instantly identifiable as being a Silverbank development.”

The award covers many aspects of Moorpark Central such as value for money, urban and social integration, build quality and of course design.

The units provide a lettable area of some 41,000 sq ft, over three footprints. However, flexibility has been a major consideration and the buildings have been configured so that they may be adjusted to suit the tenant’s exact requirements.

“Two of the buildings form an L-shaped plan, the other is rectangular” says Gary. “The reason for this is to introduce flexibility. Someone could take the entire space or it could be sub-divided to give an 8000 sq ft or 5000 sq ft area. If a smaller or larger area is required then the walls can be erected/ removed to suit. The more options that the buildings can provide, the more likely it is that a successful let will follow.”

CRGP has formed an excellent relationship with developer Silverbank and in the past they have been involved in several projects such as Moorpark Court, Platform Building Materials, both in Govan and a new office development in Hamilton, to name but a few.

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