Seminar for Surveyors

Frank Malcolm, an Associate and Chartered Building Surveyor with CRGP Ltd is also vice-chairperson of West of Scotland Matrics, which will be familiar to many as the Junior Organisation before it was rebranded. Recently he assisted Suzanne Graham, Chairperson to organise a seminar entitled “Trying to get Qualified”. This is aimed at candidates currently going through the training set out by the RICS to take them from graduates to Chartered Surveyors (MRICS).

Such an occasion is popular with students as it gives them the opportunity to receive as much advice as possible on their journey through to qualification. Consequently, around 35 people attended CRGP Ltd’s offices in Glasgow to hear RICS Scotland’s training adviser, Alan Melvin, present the seminar.

It was well received and later Alan Melvin commented: “Suzanne and Frank are to be congratulated in getting over thirty people to an event in Glasgow about the APC. Two of the candidates had succeeded in bringing their bosses along, which was an added bonus. I was delighted to have the opportunity to meet with them, and feel sure that they are all determined to pass. Hopefully, I offered them some small encouragement in their efforts.”

A collection was taken for CHAS that raised £40 for this worthwhile cause.

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