Wear a Hat to Work Day

March is the National Brain Tumour Awareness month.

You didn’t know?

Well the thing is most people aren’t aware. We weren’t aware and, up until last year one of our architects, Martin Ward wasn’t aware either. 18 months ago Martin was diagnosed with a brain tumour and underwent emergency surgery followed by 12 months of radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatment.

Now Martin has a vested interest in these things and is hoping to increase awareness.

There are many types of brain tumours, some more serious than others. Martin’s tumour is the most aggressive and serious of its type but his prognosis is good for now. The doctors can’t cure this cancer, but can hopefully maintain it for a long time.

Martin has said to the guys at the Brain Tumour Awareness Fund, who are part of the Beatson, that he will try to raise awareness and funds over the next few years by doing different things.

The “Brain Tumour Research Fund” is a research based charity under the University of Glasgow’s charity number of SC004401, but the Beatson WOSCC Neurology Oncology Dept drive the research that is undertaken.

To mark this important month, especially important in Martin’s calendar, we are holding a “WEAR A HAT TO WORK DAY” on the 30th March, and hope you can join us.

The type of hat is up to you! Could be a sensible one, a silly one or even a home made one.

All that Martin asks is that you participate and donate £1 (or more!) to the Brain Tumour Awareness Fund. Martin also has grey ribbons and charity bands which you can buy to help support a cause that means a lot to him, and to us!

Brain tumour research receives less than 1% of national cancer research spending in the UK yet this deadly disease kills more children and people under the age of 40 than any other cancer.  ‘Wear a Hat Day’ is a fun way of increasing awareness and asking people to raise money for an often overlooked form of cancer.

Hope you can all get involved!!!

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