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Dalry Trinity Church

Dalry Trinity Church approached us to assist them in the creation of a more welcoming, comfortable and flexible space that better suits contemporary ways of meeting and worship, and encourage newcomers into the church.

The refurbishment involved the replacement of the pews on the ground floor with more modern, flexible seating, means the church now has the opportunity to offer differing levels of intimacy, involvement and activity within the congregation, and are able to utilise alternative styles of modern worship. When the church is not being used for worship, the space can be utilised by the community for social activities.

The interior decoration of the church now reflects the aspirations of the congregation for a more welcoming, comfortable and contemporary space to worship. The selection of finishes was key to achieving this atmosphere, and as such, the existing dark blue paintwork within the church was replaced with a more neutral palette with accents of red, instantly brightening the interior, and creating a warm, inviting space.

Client Testimonial
‘The internal renovation of a church can be a highly emotive and even threatening enterprise, especially for those who have long memories invested in its traditional appearance. However, the transformation of Dalry Trinity, with the removal of pews, the brighter décor and more welcoming entrance has been universally welcomed by our members. Even those who began with reservations are now thrilled by the end result.  We are more relaxed and engaged during worship, and lingering longer after worship means new friendships are forming and visitors feel more welcome’. – Martin Thomson, Minister of Dalry Trinity Church