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Glasgow Gurdwara

The Sikh place of worship is called Gurdwara literally meaning “God’s House”.

The Gurdwara is more than a place of Worship; it is also a focal point of the Sikh Community. CRGP Architects designed the temple following a lengthy consultation with several Sikh communities, and CRGP Project Management selected CBC (Central Building Contractors Glasgow Limited) for the construction work following competitive tendering.

Gurdwara must provide prayer hall(s), in which the focal point is the Holy Book, called Guru Granth Sahib Ji, and Community Kitchens called langar. Additionally a “bedroom” must be provided for the overnight accommodation of the Holy Book which the Sikh Religion regards as representing the living Guru and must therefore rest every night just like everyone else. The Prayer Hall(s) are located on the topmost storey of the Building. The Gurdwara will also provide teaching facilities, guest and priest’s accommodation, a library and General Purpose rooms

CRGP provided the full design team including in-house architecture, quantity surveying, project management and CDM Co-ordination for the new Glasgow Gurdwara.