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Portman Street

CRGP designed and managed the conversion of the third floor creating a space which has retained and respected much of the original character of the building. Enhanced by the existing quality of light and space which is ideal for a modern office.

Open, light and airy spaces were created with ease by opening up the existing school corridor allowing the functions around it to spill into the circulation space and an urban window has been formed to the south of the space overlooking the motorway and south side of the city.

The office space is located along the original classrooms on the east of the building, with all current disciplines occupying this open plan office arrangement. The result is an office that integrates more creatively. The original stone wall fabric around the perimeter of the building has been retained along with a range of original features appropriate for our use, such as the original folding classroom partitions which can be used to sub-divide the space if required, and the original natural cross-ventilation for environmental control.

The limited number of internal walls has been defined by their form and colour, providing a solid anchor to the central communal space. Meeting rooms and a quiet room puncture these walls with fully glazed partitions. These new interventions create a dynamic juxtaposition between the old and new building fabric.